Police Chief
David Haley



Emergency Dial 911                         Non-Emergency  217.854.3221                    Fax 217.854.8776


Patrol Officers serve a community of 5,917 people. The Patrol Unit is made up of 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant and 7 Patrol Officers who work 12 hour shifts.

Lieutenant D. Graham       

     Sgt B. Reiher
  Officer C. Hughes            Officer K. Naugle

Officer J. Young      

     Officer P. Wills

Officer J. Wofford      

     Officer A. Bentley

Officer P. Warren      

     Officer T. Probst

 K-9 "Hawk"



Part Time Officers

Officer J. McLaughlin              Officer B. Keafer
Officer A. Key              Officer B. Albers
Officer T. Miller            Officer L. Gerdes
 Officer P. Hinzman              Officer B. Scheldt 
Officer D. Adams            Officer M. Stephenson
   Officer A. Silva    




 Officer Probst and K-9  Hawk hit the streets running on May 7th 2016. Hawk is a full service K-9 and is eager to make an impact in our community.



Detective Lawton fields investigations at the police department. Detective Lawton is certified in Crime Scene Investigations and is the department's range instructor.


The Special Operations Response Team (SORT) consists of 9 officers fully certified by the State of Illinois on January 15th, 2007. S.O.R.T. was trained by Adamax Tactical Academy based in Springfield, Illinois. The S.O.R.T. team has had extensive training and comprised of a Commander, Team Leader, Asst. Team Leader, door breaches, snipers, and an EMT.


Carlinville Police Department
570 North Broad
Carlinville, IL 62626